Remembering Jos too

Alice keeps a watchful eye on Jos as he manouvers his boat on to the beach at Sheringham (approx year: 2000). Two yellow lines in the foreground end short of the edge of the frame, like two curtailed time lines.

Alice loved a new visitor so when Jos from my old workplace in London came to stay the weekend she was pretty excited. He brought his little sailboat with him and we all went down to see him launch.
I remember the boat from the tiny front garden of his house in Brixton – pretty unusal sight for the area! He loved the sea.

Jos died young, about a month later than Alice in August 2022. It made me even sadder. Jos was a wonderful person and he became a friend as I taught him some Unix and VMS scripting in his job at the imaging department at Getty Images. Like Alice he was sensitive and beautyful.

I came across these transparencies from I think the year 2000 recently. This was before Alice became ill for the first time. Looking back now I find myself trying to find some kind of meaning in the pictures.

Alice Johnson and Jos Brosnan said goodbye to the world at pretty much the same time. Two worthwhile and good people lost to us. For us left behind we can only do our best to live without their gift. His partner, friends and collegues had Jos’s name added with others to the side of a lifeboat, a fitting tribute, helping to save peoples lives at sea is to be supported as much as researching cancer.

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