Visiting St.Helens

I have been taking Alice to my home town of St.Helens since she was a little girl. I dont drive so the train is the best way to go though it does take about 7 hours to cross the country.

When she was very young she enjoyed looking out of the train windows at the cows and horses between doing her colouring. Later she had headphones firmly grasped to her ears whilst she played a game or read from her iPad.

We did use to stay at my mothers house, Alice on the single bed and myself on a matress on the floor. When mum started getting a little old we stayed at my sister Jacqueline’s house instead.

Jacky is a very good host, with 2 spare bedrooms things were a bit more comfortable but she went further and bought us two dressing gowns for use when we are here.

Three weeks on from Alice’s funeral I find myself back in St.Helens. Alice’s dressing gown is still behind the door of the bedroom she used. I miss Alice so much.