Kirsty Alice Long: A Tribute to Alice

Alice, Mum and dad asked if I could share a bit of our humour SO

Your tactical approach to playing Frustration Was for want of a better word ‘frustrating’ You didn’t care so much about the winning as much as the pleasure you got from terrorising mum and I

The backwards rule you made up, definitely made for a more exciting game. You ruled the board, landing on us one at time, sending us home, always with a great big grin on your face

And how many times were you told “it’s Kirsty’s turn” as you popped the dice before I got a chance to. And oh my goodness did you tell mum off if she got distracted. And how you made me swear! I’ll miss the look of delight on your face and roar of laughter when Tiger-Lily made me jump.…. that damn cat!

The look of disgust when I ate your Ferrero Rocher.
The eye rolling when mum and I sang, Why? when we clearly have such talent And your often questionable advice when I had a problem.

Alice there are many more stories to share, and share we will.
Laughing when we can and crying if we need too.
Keeping your memory alive forever.

You can download a PDF of this here: Kirsty Alice Long